A joint social campaign will start on 1 July which will promote, also through a dedicated map, Tuscan PDO Prosciutto in the territory of the Via Francigena Toscana. The official map, created in collaboration with the European Association of the Via Francigene (AEVF), involves and involves all the associated producers and will serve tourists to orient themselves on the route and at the same time take the opportunity to taste a slice of Tuscan Ham DOP. The Consortium has been collaborating for some years with the association that protects the Via Francigena, and now the collaboration continues also through the promotional campaign on social media where the Tuscan centers located along the route, within the production sector of Tuscan Ham DOP, are presented combined with this excellence of the delicatessen of our Region. The art and culture of food as an attractive pole of a path to be enjoyed step by step. Starting from 1 July 2020, the shots along the Via Francigena in the company of the Tuscan Ham PDO will be relaunched on the institutional social networks of the Consortium and the Via Francigena through the joint campaign with the hashtags #prosciuttotoscanoDOP and #ViaFrancigenaFood.