Grascia’s Quadernuccio

Already in the Middle Ages the preservation of pork in Tuscany was a consolidated activity regulated by a Corporation of Arts and Crafts (The Art of the Beccai). At the time of the doctors, the production of Tuscan ham was regulated with provisions regarding the entire production process: from breeding to slaughter, from sale to the production of dried meat, which had to take place with authorization. The officers of Grascia were responsible for verifying compliance with the laws. The Bottegai held Quadernucci in which they noted all the movements of the meat purchased and then dried up.

The European Regulation n.1151 / 2012 refers to the requirements for designations of origin. To obtain the coveted recognition of “Protected Designation of Origin” the historical link of the product with the territory must be proven. Thanks also to the Quadernucci of the Grascia the Consortium was able to demonstrate the authentic value of the ham with the Tuscany region.