If you purchased a ham on the bone and started cutting it to consume it, there is a need to carry out proper storage, in order to be able to maintain all the flavor characteristics unchanged over time.
Once the consumption has started, the ham can be kept for several months only if small tricks are followed.
Grease the cut part with a drop of olive oil to prevent the meat from remaining in contact with the air and then carefully cover it with aluminum foil or plastic wrap (it is recommended that these be changed and cleaned every time) .
Wrap the ham in a cloth and store it in a cool and dry environment such as a pantry. If the cloth becomes dirty during use, replace it with a clean one.
If you want to keep a slice or boned ham, just wrap it in a slightly damp cloth and place it in the lower section of the refrigerator.
Before consuming it, it is recommended to leave the ham at room temperature for at least 20 minutes to allow it to recover all its taste and olfactory characteristics.