“Prosciutto Toscano PDO” processing, follows the stages of nature; each processing stage is performed by re-creating the climatic conditions of each period of the year in our maturation cells/rooms, according to the ancient Tuscan pig-farming tradition and thus making our
product available to consumers all over the year. The production starts in December -January with the salting process and ends
a year later, when our ham is ready in all its taste and flavour.

The selection is aimed at choosing only the legs that meet the requirements of the production specification and the characteristics that ensure the achievement of a high quality product. Frozen thighs or other maintenance treatments are not allowed.
At the end of this first phase, the trimming is carried out: the typical V-cut is performed to eliminate the rind and further reveal the lean part of the thigh, subcutaneous fat in the so-called “crown” part is eliminated so that when completed, it no longer protrudes 8 cm beyond the head of the femur.
The weight of the trimmed fresh thigh must not be less than 11.8 kg.

Legs are dry salted by using salt, pepper, bay leaf, rosemary, juniper berries, garlic and other typical aromas of the territory of
origin. The uses of preserving and additive components are not allowed. The hind legs are then placed to age in a cell at low temperature for about 3-4
weeks. This stage takes place in the months of December or January, when the climate is dry and cold.

The legs are left to rest vertically in special aging rooms at controlled temperature for 3 months.
The variation in temperature and humidity allow progressive dehydration and maturation.

In the subsequent step, which mirrors the climate between June and July, when air is drier, hams are checked in order to be smeared. To protect hams, we caress and cover them with smear, a paste of pure ground fat pork enriched with rice flour,
salt and pepper: a completely natural compound. This processing stage protects hams from an excessive dehydration and maintains their delicacy, allowing a proper ageing.

The curing stage is carried out in special rooms with optimum temperature and humidity conditions. Here the hams
mature slowly and develop all the peculiar fragrances and tastes of the “Prosciutto Toscano PDO”.

After a long curing process, the product will be submitted to the humidity and salt analysis. If all the results for the different parameters are correct, hams
will be checked one month later with the spiking test, in order to verify the olfactory characteristics by introducing a horse bone, needle-shaped, in different points of the ham meat; this operation allows us to identify possible product defects.

The fire brand depicting the profile of the Tuscany region, the 4 stars and the written Prosciutto Toscano PDO is the brand that guarantees quality. Each ham is branded and is ready to be peppered.

Black pepper is abundantly spread on the lean part of the ham, this element is a distinctive element of the Tuscan PDO ham.
A curiosity, in the past pepper was essential to prevent the attack of insects during storage in the cellar.

The pig farms intended for the production of PDO Tuscan Ham must be located in Tuscany and in the neighboring regions envisaged by the specification.
All production phases are certified by the control body which is a third party authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF)
Tuscan Ham must be processed only in the traditional production area, which includes the entire territory of the Tuscany region.