Breaded crepe with pecorino cheese and ham


For the crepes: 3 eggs-250 gr flour 00-1 2 lt of milk-butter to cook them

Make a dough with milk and flour add the eggs, salt and black pepper, melted butter. Let it rest in the fridge for 1 hour.

Tuscan Pecorino DOP-lquid cream-eggs-rice flour-egg red-breadcrumbs-sunflower seed oil-Tuscan Ham DOP.


Cook the crepes in a non-stick pan. allow to cool to room temperature. Melt the pecorino in a bain marie with cream in the proportions of pecorino 200 gr and cream 50 gr, allow to cool and add the egg yolk. Cool and spread the crepes with pecorino cheese, roll up and bread them with rice flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. Melt another pecorino cheese in a bain-marie with cream to obtain a fondue. Fry the crepes in plenty of sunflower oil until they are golden brown, dry them with absorbent paper and serve on a pecorino fondue and plenty of PDO Tuscan Ham.